Feb 16, 2011

November Nurses News

Tiruvarur meeting:

Tamilnadu Government Nurses Association (TGNA) conducted a meeting at Tiruvarur in that meeting the TGNA state secretary explained why the governments refusing to give 10610 salaries as raise for grade pay

She also noted that we will ask the government about this salary raise and we will get it

And some other problem rose regarding association election, the state TGNA secretary explained about the fund and the time,

She said “we need to get lot of government orders from Government and the Tamilnadu state election will take place soon before that we got some jobs to do so the election will not be conducted until next Central executive meeting”

Regular Posting:

400 number of contract basis nurses have been absorbed into time scale of pay

Contract Basis Nurses Posting:

The Tamilnadu state health secretary announced at the world cancer day at government general hospital and the government going to post about 2000 contract basis nurses for cancer prevention and management scheme

Nursing Superintendent Grade -1 Counseling

About 20 numbers Nursing Superintendent Grade - 2 have been promoted to Nursing Superintendent Grade – 1,