Feb 16, 2011

KMC meeting

At Kilpauk Medical College(KMC) Tamilnadu Government Nurses Association (TGNA) conducted a emergency meeting

Overview of KMC Meeting:

• All state branch secretaries paid the state TGNA yearly subscriptions

• And the state TGNA secratery noted that all the branch secratery should collect the yearly subscription without fail

• She said government approved for three new psting creation

1. First is 143 new Nursing Superintendent Grade 1 posting

2. 25% (approx. 4000)of new Nursing Superintendent Grade 2 posting

3. 2000 New contract basis posting

Some of the branch secretary said that the office is not giving new salary

State TGNA president said we got official letters form Directorates (DME, DMS)and she issued those letters and some related Government Orders

Contract Basis Nurses Meeting:

About 100 of Contract Basis Nurses met TGNA state secretary and requested for new regular posting

She said we will get the new time scale of pay absorption soon and our Association will work for it without fail
Trained Nurses Meeting:

More than 1000 of trained nurses met TGNA secretary and requested for new Contract Basis nurses posting

The state TGNA secretary said the old story about how they won the court case against private

And she said we will work for the new posting if something fails we should encourage the state secretary for higher appeal and not to degrade them in any manner


If the 25% of new Nursing Superintendent Grade -2 posting going to take place then the regular post will be similarly will start


About 500 new contract to regular post will be going to place before April