Dec 9, 2009

Available Facilities In PHC

Basic Emergency Obstetric & Newborn Care Services(BEmONC) in 385 PHCS
Normal deliveries
Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) for safe abortion & tubectomy
ISM clinic for A/N care – Dadimathi Girtham and Danwanthra
thailam after counseling
Stabilization of obstetric and newborn emergencies
Essential newborn care esp LBW and premature babies 

 NGO run Emergency Transport services 
29 control rooms for controlling the ambulances provided under TNHSP
TNHSP provide 187 vehicles for 187 blocks during first phase
Fully equipped ambulances would be handed over to NGO 

Below Poverty Line (BPL) pregnant women are given Rs. 700 as financial assistance for first 2 deliveries to facilitate institutional deliveries.
Rs.8.91 crores have been dispersed (51,085 beneficiaries)
GOI released Rs.14.50 crores as 2nd Installment 

Mainstreaming Indian Systems of Medicine 
50 ISM drugs are being supplied to all the 8683 Health Sub Centres
ISM drugs are manufactured by Tamil Nadu medicinal plants Corporation
Training the health functionaries on the use of ISM drugs is under progress.
Total value of the ISM drugs - Rs.30 crs
Training cost – Rs. 3.03 Crs
Beneficiaries - 8.6 lakhs - steadily increasing

Dec 3, 2009

Health for All

  • Thus the Department of Medical Services which was a huge composite Department at the time of inception has decade by decade paved way for organisation of various separate Departments for better administration and from 1.1.99 onwards, this Department namely the Department of Medical and Rural Health Services is being entrusted with the responsibility of rendering Medical Care services to the public through the Non-Teaching Medical Institutions.
  • Through the pursuit of various policies and Programmes, the Department is aiming to translate the Alma Alta Declaration of
        Health for All in to reality.
  • The reduction in Infant Mortality Rate, Maternal Mortality Rate, Crude Death Rate and Crude Birth Rate come through the services of the Medical Institutions under the Control of this Department.
  • Department Functioning:
  • The Department of Medical and Rural Health Services is rendering Medical Services through the grid of 25 District Head Quarters Hospitals, 162 Taluk Hospitals, 79 Non Taluk Hospitals, 12 Dispensaries and 11 Mobile Medical Units, besides 23 District T.B. Centres, 5 T.B. Hospitals and 2 TB Clinics and 1 Leprosy Hospital are under the control of this Department.

Personnels under the D.M.E. control

         1.        Reader /Professors: 863 
        2.        Lecturer / Registrars : 169 
        3.        Tutor/Asst.Surgeons : 2379
1.        Principal: 1
2.        Reader in Nursing: 9
3.        Lecturer in Nursing: 10
4.        Assistant Lecturer: 7
5.        Nursing Tutor Grade I: 16
6.        Nursing Tutor Grade II: 72
7.        Nursing Superintendent Grade I: 20
8.        Nursing Superintendent Grade II: 56
9.        Nursing Superintendent Grade III: 360
10.     Nurses: 3486
11.     Nurses on Contract basis: 528
12.     Social Worker: 32
13.     Health Visitor: 63
14.     Maternity Assistant: 34
15.     A.N.M: 44

Nov 30, 2009

Directorate of Medical Education

The Directorate of Medical Education was bifurcated in the year 1966 from the Directorate of Medical Services. It is functioning as a separate Directorate for the last 36 years. It is controlling Medical Colleges and attached teaching hospitals.
Director of Medical Education:
Dr.C.Ravindranath M.B.B.S., D.Ortho D.I.P(Phy.Med.) DNB(PMR)

Directorate of Medical Education is entrusted with the responsibility of implementing teaching, training and research programmes in the medical field and patient care services.

The Director of Medical Education is the  Head of the Department and he is assisted at the State headquarters by the following personnel. 
1. Addl.Director of Medical Education ( Medical )
2. Addl.Director of Medical Education & Secretary, Selection Committee.
3. Joint Director of Medical Education ( Selection Committee)
4. Joint Director of Medical Education ( Pharmacy )
5. Deputy Director of Medical Education ( Admn)
6. Deputy Director of Medical Education ( P & D)
6. Deputy Director of Medical Education ( A & R)
7. Deputy Director of Medical Education ( H & D)
8. Deputy Director of Medical Education ( PG)
9. Deputy Director of Medical Education (UG)
10. Deputy Director of Medical Education (Nursing)
11. Deputy Director of Medical Education (Statistics)
12.  Law Officer
13.  Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer
14.  Administrative Officer (Manager)
15.  Administrative Officers for various subjects

Functions of D.M.E

  • The Functions of the Director of Medical Education is two fold. 
  • One is Education in Medical /  Dental / Para Medical sciences and the other one is clinical care in the teaching hospitals administered by him.  
  • Besides, the Director is also empowered to regulate the functions of private self financing Medical / Dental / Para Medical Colleges.
  • Conduct of Entrance Examination for selection of candidates for Post-Graduate Courses in Medical Sciences is done through Selection Committee appointed by the Government under his chairmanship. 
  • The selection of the candidates for Postgraduate Courses is in accordance with the policy of the Govt. announced every year in March.
  • Selection Committee under his chairmanship processes the applications seeking admission to I year MBBS / BDS / B.Sc (Nursing) / BPT / BOT courses and selects candidates in accordance with the policy of the Govt. announced every year.  
  • In addition selection and allotment of candidates against the free seats and payment seats in private self financing Medical / Dental /  Para Medical colleges in accordance with the rules / Court Orders.
  • Out of 60 seats available in Perundurai Medical College run by the Road Transport of Govt. Selection Committee allots 40 candidates while  the remaining seats are filled up by the management with the wards of the Transport Corporation employees.
  • At present 11 Govt. Medical Colleges, 2 private Medical Colleges, 1 Govt. Dental College and 7 Private Dental Colleges are functions in the State under the Director of Medical Education. In addition Institute of Road Transport of the Govt. Transport Department is also running a Medical College at Perundurai.
  • Forty hospitals are under the control of this Directorate. Every year, more than a thousand  medical graduates and more the nine hundred medical postgraduates, diploma and higher specialties graduates come out from the Govt. Medical Institutions after completing the courses

Nov 24, 2009

Directorate of Medical and Rural Health Services

  • The object of hospital services organised in India during the early years of British rule was to cater mainly to the needs of the British army and the British Civilian populationIndian Medical Department was organised on a regular basis in 1786.
  • In the year 1875 a Medical Rule was set up and Department of Sanitation and Vaccination was brought under the Control of Medical Department.
  • The Medical Department was then Headed by Surgeon General. In 1919 the post of Director of Public Health has been created and the department has been bifurcated.
  • In 1922 Public Health and Medical Services were separated at all levels.
  • The Public Health Department was formed in the year 1923 for the prevention and control of communicable diseases and for the improvement of General Health Conditions in the State.
  • After the year 1947 the post of Surgeon General who was fully in charge of Indian Medical Department was redesignated as Director of Medical Services for Madras State.
  • The ESI Scheme was framed in according with the provision of the ESI act 1948 and was first inaugurated in Tamil Nadu in 1955
  • In 1956 Family Welfare Programme was taken up by this Department to promote the Health of the People particularly Mothers and Children.
  • In 1966 a new department was created to attend Medical Education.
  • In the Year 1970 the Directorate of Indian Medicine was formed which was under the control of Director of Medical Services.
  • During 1982 the Drug Control Administration has become an independent Department.
  • During 1983 the Directorate of Family Welfare was disintegrated from the Directorate of Medical Services and Family Welfare for better co-ordination and implementation of Family Welfare Programme
  • In the year 1999 the Directorate of Medical Services was bifurcated and a separate Directorate to look after the implementation of the ESI Scheme was formed on 1.1.1999.

    Nov 17, 2009

    TGNA Office Bearer

    TGNA- Tamilnadu Government Nurses Association

    Mrs Arivuk kannu,
    Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital,

    Mrs Leelavathy,
    Annal Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital,

    Mrs Kanagalatha,
    Stanley Medical College and Hospital,

    Jan 2, 2009

    Nurses Pleadge

    I solemnly pledge myself before God and in presence of this assembly to practice my profession with dedication.

    I will serve mankind with love and compassion, recognising their dignity and rights irrespective of colour, caste, creed, religion and nationality.

    I will endeavour to maintain up to date knowledge and skill to uphold standard of Nursing care to individual, family and community in all settings and in all aspects of holistic care as a member of the health care team.

    I will hold in confidence personal matters of my clients committed to my care and help them to develop confidence in care rendered by me.

    I will refrain from any activity that will harm my personal and professional dignity as a Nurse.

    I will actively support my profession and strive towards its advancement.

    I will fulfil my responsibilities as a citizen and encourage change towards better health.