Dec 9, 2009

Available Facilities In PHC

Basic Emergency Obstetric & Newborn Care Services(BEmONC) in 385 PHCS
Normal deliveries
Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) for safe abortion & tubectomy
ISM clinic for A/N care – Dadimathi Girtham and Danwanthra
thailam after counseling
Stabilization of obstetric and newborn emergencies
Essential newborn care esp LBW and premature babies 

 NGO run Emergency Transport services 
29 control rooms for controlling the ambulances provided under TNHSP
TNHSP provide 187 vehicles for 187 blocks during first phase
Fully equipped ambulances would be handed over to NGO 

Below Poverty Line (BPL) pregnant women are given Rs. 700 as financial assistance for first 2 deliveries to facilitate institutional deliveries.
Rs.8.91 crores have been dispersed (51,085 beneficiaries)
GOI released Rs.14.50 crores as 2nd Installment 

Mainstreaming Indian Systems of Medicine 
50 ISM drugs are being supplied to all the 8683 Health Sub Centres
ISM drugs are manufactured by Tamil Nadu medicinal plants Corporation
Training the health functionaries on the use of ISM drugs is under progress.
Total value of the ISM drugs - Rs.30 crs
Training cost – Rs. 3.03 Crs
Beneficiaries - 8.6 lakhs - steadily increasing


yoga said...

lot of facilities in phc for people.but no any facilites for staff nurse.we are work 12 hours duty.also work night duty 3 times per month.phc are run succesfully by a staff.but not succesfully our life