Aug 17, 2010

Rule 4,5,
The Fundamental Rules of Tamilnadu Government.

3. Unless in any case it be otherwise distinctly provided by or under the rules, these rules do not apply to
Government servants whose conditions of service are governed by Army or Marine Regulations.

4. Deleted.

5. Deleted.

5-A. The Government may relax the provisions of rules or orders in such manner as may appear to
them to be just and equitable provided that where any such rule or order is applicable to the case of
any person or class of persons, the case shall not be dealt with in any manner less favourable to him
or them than that provided by that rule or order.

Fundamental Rule 5-A applies only to relaxations in individual cases. General exemptions from the
natural operation of rules can be made only by amendment of the rules by competent authority.