Jul 5, 2010

Yet to reach goal of health for all: President

Good health parameters of a society are an absolute necessity for the economic progress of a nation,” said President Pratibha Patil at the inauguration of the SevenHills Hospital, in Andheri on Sunday.

“We are yet to reach our goal of health for all. Access to and affordability of healthcare, especially for the underprivileged and marginalised sections of society, in particular women and children, remain under-accomplished tasks,” she added.

She urged medical institutions to reach out to the rural areas by holding medical camps with mobile medical units.
The President laid special emphasis on the use of tele-medicine (technology in medicine) to combat the increase in lifestyle diseases.

Talking about the threat perception by 'lifestyle diseases', President  said as per the World Health Organisation, there would be 80 million diabetes patients in the country by 2030, while as per the Cardiological Society of India, there would be a 100 million heart cardiac patients — 60 per cent of the total cardiac patients in the world — in India by 2020.

“WHO has cautioned that India would be diabetes capital of the world,” she added.

Hindustan Times